Wintercreeper is an evergreen, trailing shrub-like vine with dark green, shiny, egg-shaped leaves. It is a popular and versatile landscaping plant due to its hardiness and wide range of applications.

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Wintercreeper is also known as: Euonymus fortunei, Euonymus f. Radicans, Euonymus Radicans, Euonymus japonicus Acutus, Euonymus japonicus Chinensis, Euonymus japonicus Radicans, Fortune's Spindle.

Varieties of Wintercreeper share these characteristics:

Varieties of Wintercreeper

NameHardiness ZonesHeightCommentsOrdering Information
Wintercreeper (Euonymus f. 'Acutus') 4-9 12-24" The common variety. More info
Purple Wintercreeper (Euonymus f. 'Coloratus') 4-9 12-24" Leaves turn burgundy in fall. More info

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